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Highland Community Care Partnership Com-pàirteachas Cùram Coimhearsnachd na Gàidhealtachd

NHS Highland. The Highland Council, Comhaire na G&agraveidhealtachd

Highland Community Care Partnership

Welcome to the Highland Community Care Partnership’s website.

Community Care is the term used to describe how we support adults who need extra help to live their day-to-day lives.  Sometimes we refer to this as Adult Care or Adult Services.  Adults may be in need of services for a variety of reasons, but most commonly it is because form some form of disability, frailty resulting from advancing age, a mental health difficulty or a problem with substance misuse (alcohol and drugs).

Community Care involves services provided by health, housing and social care professionals in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.

People have told us they want to live as independently as possible. Therefore our  aim is to ensure we support people’s independence so that:

  • People are healthy and have a good quality of life
  • People are supported and protected to stay safe;
  • People are supported to maximise their independence;
  • People retain dignity and are free from stigma and discrimination;
  • People and their carers are informed and in control of their care
  • People are supported to realise their potential;
  • People are socially and geographically connected; and
  • Community Care services are delivered effectively, efficiently and jointly.

These themes are reflected in our Joint Community Care Plan. The Plan sets out our approach to providing care and support over the next three years to adults who need community care services.

It shows what changes and improvements we plan to make to meet current and future challenges.

Our Plan

About Us

The Change Programme


Simplified Summary: No-one wants to become ill or dependent on others. We want to help people stay healthy, happy and independent for longer.